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Exploring the joy of drawing with graphite, colored pencil and digital

21: Exploring Technology, Art and Design with YouTuber Brad Colbow

Mike visits a museum and art gallery to do some sketching. Mike is then joined by artist and tech YouTuber Brad Colbow to talk hardware and software for creative professionals. Brad shares his journey to success from a young artist to graphic designer and...

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20: Lessons in Life and Art with Naturalist and Artist Robert Bateman

Mike looks back on the five year old version of himself, explores some human anatomy as well as more nature with graphite. Naturalist and artist Robert Bateman then joins Mike to talk about his art career that has spanned nearly eight decades. They talk...

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19: Plans for 2020 and Questions & Answers

Mike reviews some of his recent pieces and talks about challenging yourself and being comfortable with the result. He then answers questions from listeners covering his mobile podcast setup, his most creative recent piece, water-soluble graphite, printmaking, his current drawing kit, and his day...

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18: The Journey to Dinotopia and Beyond with Artist, Writer and Illustrator, James Gurney

Mike finishes a watercolor piece with new brushes as well as some sketches, including a very special one for Australia. Mike is then joined by artist, writer, and illustrator James Gurney to talk art, dinosaurs, and inspiration. James brings us along on his artistic...

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17: Two Artists in a Truck Urban Sketching, with Captain Tom

Mike continues working with graphite but has time to test out the new Paperlike 2 screen protector for his iPad Pro. He also talks about a video everyone should watch. Mike is then joined by Captain Tom to talk about his experiences from skateboarding...

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16: Making Movies and TV Shows with Storyboard and Concept Artist Rob McCallum

Mike has follow-up about a recent guest and talks about some graphite sketches. Mike is then joined by storyboard and concept artist Rob McCallum to discuss his art journey from his early days in Scotland with comics and movies to working with Stan Lee...

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  • For those asking about the status on the woodpecker, here it is. It’s been a very busy week but I was able to get some more work done Wednesday evening at @quitterscoffee Still a bit more work to do on this but should be done this weekend. The bark is always the most fun. #pencil #graphite #wip #drawing #bird #birdart #woodpecker #sketch #pentel #graphgear1000 #mymoleskine
  • Quick test of a new sketch book. The Sketchnote Ideabook is pretty decent with graphite. Less tooth means a lighter touch but the paper is beautiful. The cover is wonderful. I just want to hold it :-) Next I try some ink sketching. Great job @rohdesign and @airshipnotebooks #sketchnote #pencil #sketchnoteideabook #sketch #pentel #drawing
  • If you can get the eyes and head shape correct, it does help everything else fall into place. About 25 mins into this one. Lots of bark and moss to come 😊#WIP #pencildrawing #pentel #graphgear1000 #artistsoninstagram
  • A great conversation with Brad Colbow ( @bcolbow ) about his creative journey. We go deep into a conversation of past, present and future tech and apps for creative professionals. Link in my profile. #podcast #creative #drawing
  • Bald eagle sketch complete. I a suggested a bit of water. Could have spent much more time on that. Hope you like it #graphitedrawing #pencil #art #sketch #birdart #baldeagle #artistsoninstagram #sketch #eagle #pentel #graphgear1000
  • A little bit more done on this bald eagle study before the ink workshop today @natgallerycan . #wip #pencildrawing #graphite #pencil #baldeagle #birdart #bird #illustration #ornithology