Drawing Inspiration Podcast

Exploring the joy of drawing with graphite, colored pencil and digital

50: Combining Digital Visual Journalism and Activism with Cartoonist Liza Donnelly

Liza Donnelly joins Mike on this episode to talk about her creative journey in becoming a cartoonist for the New Yorker, Medium, Cosmopolitan, and so many other publications. She talks about her mindset, tools and what it takes to become a successful cartoonist by...

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49: Exploring a Fantasy World of Charcoal and Graphite with Artist Eric Messinger

Mike shares a story about connections. Eric Messinger then joins the podcast to talk about his incredible charcoal and graphite fantasy art. Eric has a unique style and approach using abstract use of charcoal in prepping the paper for his characters to visit. He...

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48: Urban Sketching, Finding Your People, and The Power of The Fude with Marek Badzynski

Marek Badzynski joins the podcast to talk about his journey from Poland to Canada and architect to urban sketcher. Marek talks about his early days in Europe and how urban sketching saved him from a police incident. He then discusses his approach to using...

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47: Daily Doodles, TikTok, and Patreon with Artist Myriam Tillson

Myriam Tillson makes a return to the podcast to talk about her daily doodle exercise. Mike and Myriam then take a deep dive on a few of her pieces to explore the impact they have had on her as well as others. Myriam talks...

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46: Space Jellyfish, Journaling and the Value of Mentors with Artist Kina Forney

Mike shares a new promo from a friend of the show and also talks about his first newsletter edition involving dinosaurs. Mike is joined by Kina Forney who talks about her creative journey and how a fine arts degree with a focus on computation...

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45: Facing Your Demons, Fearing the Pinnacle and Painting Eggs with Sarah Marie Lacy

Mike opens his online shop and talks about a couple of challenges. Mike then welcomes artist and teacher Sarah Marie Lacy to the podcast to talk about her journey from Canada to France and back as a formally trained artist. Sarah discusses her early...

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