Drawing Inspiration Podcast

Exploring the joy of drawing with graphite, colored pencil and digital

70: Escaping Expectations with Vibrant Colors and Canvases of Dreams with Shima Star

Mike plays with colored pencils on black toned paper and revisits graphite with a wonderful photogenic gecko. Mike is then joined by Shima Star who is an amazing artist he met through Clubhouse. They talk about her journey from exploring creativity in secret to...

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69: Building Your Creative Brand with Cole LaBounty McNair

Mike reflects on 2021 and the success of the podcast. He also touches on some recent watercolor and colored pencil pieces. Cole LaBounty McNair then joins the podcast to talk about his journey in art from a young age to where he is now....

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68: Taming Inner Demons with Pencils and Magic with Marta Witkiewicz

Mike talks about a recent course, some new pieces in his online store as well as revealing his 2022 theme. Mike is then joined by Marta Witkiewicz who talks about her journey from the forests and meadows to Poland to a world of magic...

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67: For the Love of Watercolor and Observation with Ian de Hoog

Mike talks about a change to Patreon, some new artwork, and setting your theme for 2022. Mike is then joined by artist and educator Ian de Hoog who shares his creative journey that involves music and art. Ian goes into detail about his tools...

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66: Rediscovering Creative Identity Through Fine Art with Stephanie Darlene Greenwald

Mike brings some snow and talks about Nomad Sculpt for iPadOS. Stephanie Darlene Greenwald joins the podcast to talk about how she recently rediscovered her art again after spending two decades as a graphic designer. She shares her expertise as an artist/illustrator as well...

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65: Character Design, Caricature, and Embracing a Creative Mindset with Stephen Silver

Mike talks about his recent mushroom ink piece and shares a view into his pencil case. Mike is then joined by Stephen Silver to talk about the creative journey that has allowed him to work at Disney, Nickelodeon, and many others. Stephen shares what...

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