Drawing Inspiration Podcast

Exploring what it means to be an artist. Join us for thoughtful conversations with creatives at all stages in their career working with various mediums.

107: One Bite at a Time: 20 Years of Comics, Illustration, and Design with Ryan Claytor, Cartoonist, and Professor

Today, we’re joined by the incredibly talented Ryan Claytor, a master in the realms of comics, illustration, and design. With a career spanning over two decades, Ryan brings a unique blend of storytelling and artistic skill to the table. In this episode, we’ll dive...

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106: Drawn Together, Natural Pigments and the Many Faces of Dylan Sara

In this episode of Drawing Inspiration, I sit down with the talented Dylan Sara, whose passion for portraiture breathes new life into the art form. We delve into his artistic roots, tracing back to childhood drawings at the kitchen table, and follow his journey...

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105: Capturing Light and Life: The Watercolour World of Shelley Prior

Mike reflects on his class from Wild Wonder Conference 2023 and upcoming changes. Shelley Prior joins the podcast to talk about her love affair with watercolour. It has led her to develop a highly realistic style, capturing everything from birds and wildlife to portraits,...

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104: Watercolors Meet Wanderlust on Alena Gastaldi’s Artistic Pilgrimage

Mike returns to the podcast after some time away, prepping for his presentation at Wild Wonder Conference 2023 and his new Etchr Drawing Course. Alena Gastaldi joins the podcast to discuss her journey from architecture in Russia to drawing and urban sketching worldwide. Her...

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103: Taking Time to Reflect, Brainstorm, Plan, and Create

Mike talks about a few upcoming events, some art pieces, and his plans for the summer. No summer homework! The podcast will be back in late August for episode 104. Etchr YouTube video (blog post) Mike @Etchr Studio Wild Wonder 2023 YouTube Channel (Mike...

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102: Life in Art and Nature: Reflections on Nearly Four Decades of Exploration with Roseann Hanson

Mike embraces a new mindset to pull himself out of a slump. He also talks about some recent work and prep for courses and talks. Roseann Hanson joins the podcast to talk about her journey from an early exposure to nature and art to...

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