Drawing Inspiration Podcast

Exploring the joy of drawing with graphite, colored pencil and digital

95: Painting Hope and Peace: Dr. Marisa Azad’s Vision for the Future of Art and Medicine

Mike launched his first drawing course and brought some blues into his recent pieces. Mike is then joined by Dr. Marisa Azad, who is an infectious diseases orthopedic physician and researcher at the Ottawa Hospital and a gifted fine artist known for her captivating...

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94: Painting the Town: Exploring Urban Scenes with Shari Blaukopf

Mike talks about a new app helping with his art and how you can be part of upcoming episode 100. Mike is then joined by Shari Blaukopf, a Montreal-based painter, teacher, author, and art blogger. Shari is a renowned watercolor artist best known for...

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93: Textures of the Natural World: An Interview with Artist Melissa Cormier

Mike begins 10 YouTube videos in 10 weeks and discusses recent pieces. Artist and fellow Pentel Canada Ambassador Melissa Cormier joins the show to discuss her journey from printmaking to her graphite abstract work inspired by natural textures. They talk about her tools, process,...

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92: Becoming an Artpreneur with Artist, Author, and Art Business Coach Miriam Schulman

Mike talks about his theme for 2023 and how it will impact all areas of his art. Miriam Schulman then joins the podcast to discuss her journey from Wall Street to creating fantastic art and teaching others how to create a successful art business....

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91: The Art of Storytelling with Jared Cullum: Comics, Writing, Watercolor, and Plein Air Painting

Mike reflects on 2022 and highlights some of collaborations in addition to Patron supporters and listeners just like you. Jared Cullum joins the podcast to talk about his journey from graphic design to getting back to basics with drawing and then discovering watercolor. He...

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90: Unfolding Creativity: The Art of Lifting with Paper Artist Andrew Wong

Mike continues with cats in watercolor and acrylic. Andrew Wong (10past9) joins the podcast to discuss his creative journey from fashion design to paper artist. Andrew talks about how curiosity and persistence led him to a process he now calls lifting. His exploration of...

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