Drawing Inspiration Podcast

Exploring the joy of drawing with graphite, colored pencil and digital

100: A Palette of 100 Episodes: The Journey of Drawing Inspiration

Marking a major milestone, Mike revels in the 100th podcast episode by reminiscing over past shows and introducing fresh clips. A special giveaway by Etchr can be found inside the podcast. He graciously shares received audio tributes from fellow creatives, a testament to the...

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99: Artful Balance: Mastering Motherhood & Painting with Sarah Mckendry

Mike has had an exciting year developing outside his comfort zone and is nearing the completion of several works. Sarah Mckendry then joins the podcast to discuss her exciting and inspiring art journey. Sarah is a self-taught, internationally recognized oil painter, art educator, and...

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98: The World of Urban Sketching: Architecture, Art, and Travel with Stephanie Bower

Mike has been busy with the road to 100 episodes but found time to create a cute baby sea turtle painting. Stephanie Bower joins the podcast to talk about her journey into urban sketching. Stephanie reveals the devastating event that led to her first...

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97: Wild Inspiration: Exploring the World of Animal Art with Kathryn Hansen

Mike shares a new course coming in the fall and a little ink work. Renowned colored pencil artist Kathryn Hansen then joins Mike to discuss her career. Kathryn’s incredible talent for capturing the spirit and beauty of animals, Kathryn has made a name for...

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96: The Unlimited Art of the Limited Palette with Hazel Soan

Mike talks about a subject he rarely draws or paints and then practices some urban sketching. Hazel Soan stops by to talk about her new book “Art of the Limited Palette: A Step-By-Step Practical Watercolour Guide.” Hazel shares her start in finding the time...

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95: Painting Hope and Peace: Dr. Marisa Azad’s Vision for the Future of Art and Medicine

Mike launched his first drawing course and brought some blues into his recent pieces. Mike is then joined by Dr. Marisa Azad, who is an infectious diseases orthopedic physician and researcher at the Ottawa Hospital and a gifted fine artist known for her captivating...

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