Drawing Inspiration Podcast

Exploring the joy of drawing with graphite, colored pencil and digital

13: Mushrooms, journals and Inktober with Jo Brown (aka @bernoid)

Mike does a quick review of his recent Inktober drawings. He then speaks to Jo Brown (aka @bernoid on Twitter) to understand the passion and motivation behind this incredible illustrator. Her work has had millions of views on social media and will inspire artists...

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12: Managing time and expectations around Inktober

Mike talks about having is art banned as well as more ink and brush pen talk and starting to draw at later in life. Mike then talks about his Inktober set-up, his first few sketches and the reflects on the stress as well as...

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Episode 11: Inktober and Gouache with Myriam Tillson

Mike finished his new urban sketching easel, does a couple more quick sketches and tries out some new inking solutions. Myriam Tillson then joins Mike to talk about her creative journey, gouache, Inktober and a crypt experience. ===== LINKS FROM THE SHOW ===== James...

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10: Watercolor with Anna Bucciarelli

Mike does some more outdoor watercolor work, prepares a new set of painting kits and finds out he may breathe like a creative. Mike is then joined by Canadian artist Anna Bucciarelli to talk about everything from watercolor to digital work, work/life balance, finding...

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09: Capturing and printing your art with Sam from Shoebox Studio

Mike provides updates on face painting, finding inspiration in PEI, Paperlike 2 and Inktober 2019. Mike then sits down with Sam from Shoebox Studio to talk about capturing and printing your art work. This is a must listen if you ever plan on making...

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08: Sketchnoting with Mike Rohde

Mike tries watercolor, talks about the Linea Instagram contest and watches makeup videos on YouTube. Mike then talks with the designer, illustrator and author Mike Rohde, the creator of Sketchnoting, about his journey from drawing cars as a kid to now inspiring others to...

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  • This week on the “Drawing Inspiration” podcast I talk about some recent work and something I’ve never done. I also answer some questions from all of you. Link in the profile. #podcast #drawing
  • Beautiful snowfall this morning. Sketching the view out into the woods with the snow hanging on the trees and duck house while a crow watches overhead. #sketch #backyard #pond #duckhouse #winter #graphite
  • Now for something completely different. For @wedrawwednesdays I took “iguana” @halsherman , “self-portrait” @tiffanyarment and “foliage” @theehappybee and combined them together in this crazy piece. Honestly, so far into uncharted territory here it scares me. #ipadpro #wedrawwednesdays #procreate
  • Wasp sketch done. Really just playing around with this one. Mixed in some @staedtlermars mechanical pencils to attack some of the larger areas. #sketch #wasp #insect #insectartwork #illustration #illustrator #animalart #staedtler
  • Sorry about the subject choice for those who don’t like these 😊 A little lunch sketch. Btw, I’m going to heading to the @museumofnature in the comings weeks for a day to do some sketching. So many interesting subjects. #wip #wasp #graphite #pencildrawing #sketch #illustration #illustrationartists #pentel #graphgear1000 #illustratorsofinstagram #artist #lunchsketch #sketchdaily #insect #insectart #insectartistsofinstagram
  • Hooded merganser drawing complete. First time really doing reflections. A few things I would change if I did a larger version than this 3” by 5”. Really getting the hang of using the Pentel Graphgear 1000 for shading. So small with the .3 mm leads. #pencildrawing #graphitedrawing #hoodedmerganser #bird #birdart #sketch #sketchdaily #art #artistsoninstagram #pentel #graphgear1000