Drawing Inspiration Podcast

Exploring the joy of drawing with graphite, colored pencil and digital

61: Connections, Embracing Challenges, and Enjoying the Present with Gayle Kabaker

Mike completes another page in his nature journal, visits a local historic site and talks about prompts like #sciartseptember and Inktober. Artist and teacher Gayle Kabaker joins the podcast to talk about her creative journey from fashion illustrator to portraiture and cover design. She...

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60: Connecting with Friends and Finding a New Creative Path with Artist Alvin Chong

Mike prepares some starter packs for those interested in a list of curated episodes around certain topics. He also shares a strategy in how to share your work. Alvin Chong joins the podcast to talk about his beginnings and his journey from creativity and...

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59: Turning a Passion into a Tool for Change with Wildlife Artist Sophie Green

Mike gets a little too close to a possessed 1936 Dodge and draws some more insects. Wildlife artist Sophie Green joins the podcast to talk about her creative journey from teacher to an accomplished and successful artist. Sophie talks about her recent pieces from...

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58: Discovering Something Special with Nature Journaling

Mike has had some recent success in exploring nature journaling. He shares his tools, techniques, and some tips along the way. He also talks about some of his recent nature illustration pieces. Jo Brown (@bernoid on Twitter, @taojb on Instagram) – Episodes 13 and Episode 40 Secrets of a Devon...

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57: Cars, Coconuts, and Letting Go of Perfection with France Van Stone

Mike continues his work with watercolor by painting a tractor and some bees and then he draws some rocks. France Van Stone then joins the podcast to share her creative journey. France has been able to carry her passion for art through her life...

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56: Birds, Bunnies, and Cars, Oh My! It’s Time for Creative Check-in

Mike reflects on the last few interviews and the year to date. He talks about his recent foray into watercolor with more detail around some recent pieces as well as his toolkit. It’s also time for a creative check-in to consider what is important...

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