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Exploring the joy of drawing with graphite, colored pencil and digital

35: Patreon is Live, Inktober Prep and Creative Writing

Mike takes a staycation and was able to finish the grasshopper, begins a butterfly and spots a stoat. He talks about the upcoming LightBox Expo and some work Max Ulichney has released. He then talks about his plans for Inktober and the role creative...

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34: From Graphite to Glass with Artist and Teacher Jill Quinn Babcock

Mike does more work with his pond inspired graphite pieces with a toad, dragonfly and grasshopper. Patreon is around the corner as well as a new video course. Mike is then joined by Jill Quinn Babcock to talk about her art journey which is...

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33: Star Trek, Zombies and Procreate with Storyboard and Concept Artist Rob McCallum

Mike finished some more graphite work with a focus on depth and reflection. He then tries some plein air painting on the water without falling overboard. Rob McCallum is back to talk about the impact the pandemic has had on his role as a...

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32: Managing Rejection, Finding Creative Projects, and UFOs

Mike reflects on a recent rejection and then looks forward to a couple of creative projects later this year. He talks about his new pencil, holder and sharpener. Mike spends some time exploring some local trails for plein air settings and shares a local...

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31: Turning Marks Into Art Using Graphite and Charcoal with Artist and YouTuber Scott Maier

Mike finishes a commission and does a little urban sketching. He then picks up an etch-a-sketch for the 60th anniversary of the device. Mike is then joined by artist and YouTuber Scott Maier. Scott has a formal BFA and MFA and has been teaching...

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30: Gifts, Trust and Generosity with Artist Matthew Burrows

Mike receives support for episode 29 and finds focus and challenges in some recent pieces and some new tools. Mike is then joined by Matthew Burrows who talks about his career as an artist, teacher, and mentor. Matthew talks about art as a gift...

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