Drawing Inspiration Podcast

Exploring the joy of drawing with graphite, colored pencil and digital

46: Space Jellyfish, Journaling and the Value of Mentors with Artist Kina Forney

Mike shares a new promo from a friend of the show and also talks about his first newsletter edition involving dinosaurs. Mike is joined by Kina Forney who talks about her creative journey and how a fine arts degree with a focus on computation...

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45: Facing Your Demons, Fearing the Pinnacle and Painting Eggs with Sarah Marie Lacy

Mike opens his online shop and talks about a couple of challenges. Mike then welcomes artist and teacher Sarah Marie Lacy to the podcast to talk about her journey from Canada to France and back as a formally trained artist. Sarah discusses her early...

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44: Dog Stories, Animation and Creating a Positive Impact with Michael Relth

Mike gets close to launching the newsletter and his first shop. He also received some new pencils and a wonderful new tool. Michael Relth then joins the podcast to talk about his journey from art school to writing and illustrating his first book. Michael...

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43: Creating Your Own Brand and Building a Successful Art Business with Jake Parker

Mike spends some time with colored pencils. He then reflects on 2020 and talks about his theme for 2021. Jake Parker joins the podcast to share his creative journey from his early inspiration to animation, books, and of course Inktober. Jake talks about his...

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42: Social Media, Finding Your Style and Fraggles with Andy J. Pizza

Mike works on getting ready for the holidays but does have a chance to finish a graphite piece. The wonderful Andy J. Pizza visits the podcast to talk about his journey and the impact of ADHD on becoming a successful creative speaker, illustrator and...

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41: Drawing on the Positive After Surviving Cancer with Andrea Ross

Mike gets down to some graphite pieces with the new Pentel Canada Orenz Nero. Mike is then joined by Andrea Ross who talks about her journey from software developer and podcaster before a diagnosis of cancer changed her life. She talks about creating the...

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