Drawing Inspiration Podcast

Exploring the joy of drawing with graphite, colored pencil and digital

83: Being Curious, Social Media, and the Joy of Watercolors and Acrylics with Alyssa Doggett

Mike talks about a few art updates and announces some YouTube videos are coming soon. Mike is then joined by Alyssa Doggett to talk about her creative journey. As an early career artist, Alyssa has found her creative path lined with watercolor, gouache and...

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82: From Murals to Miniatures, Supporting Conservation Through Art with Zoe Fitchet

Mike announces the winner of the Etchr sketchbook giveaway. Mike also has some conference tickets to share. Zoe Fitchet joins the podcast to talk about her journey from being the arty one to designer and then pursuing her dream. She talks about her early...

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81: The Practice and Journey of Art with Artist and Science Illustrator Mesa Schumacher

Mike announces a new partnership with Etchr and talks about the upcoming Wild Wonder Nature Journaling Conference. Mike is then joined by Mesa Schumacher who talks about her career in medical and science illustration. Mike and Mesa discuss her educational background and her ability...

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80: Finding Your Brand and Creative Success Through Twitch, YouTube and Hard Work with Cassy Draws

Mike creates some more watercolor on black paper. He then shares his plan for a solo art retreat. Cassy Draws joins the podcast to share her creative journey from being an early creative to graphic design, Twitch streamer and fine art. She talks about...

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79: Using Art to Build Awareness, with Artist and Bird-Nerd Hannah Shand

Mike reflects on a small flood as well as some recent artwork. Hannah Shand then joins the podcast to talk about her journey from fashion design to a becoming successful artist with a focus on rendering birds in ink. Mike and Hannah explore her...

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78: Creating Art Outdoors: Urban Sketching and Plein Air Painting

Mike Hendley shares a sketchbook tour on Instagram and talks about some of his entries in his perpetual journal. Mike visits a local tulip festival to create some sketchbook entries outside. Inspired by the outdoor experience, Mike does an overview of his current plein...

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