08: Sketchnoting with Mike Rohde

Mike tries watercolor, talks about the Linea Instagram contest and watches makeup videos on YouTube. Mike then talks with the designer, illustrator and author Mike Rohde, the creator of Sketchnoting, about his journey from drawing cars as a kid to now inspiring others to draw with Sketchnoting. Mike Rohde talks about his exciting new product announcement and has a little homework for you.


Frog watercolor

Linea Sketch app on Instagram

Bullet Journaling

The Daily Plan Bar by Mike Rohde (Medium)

Dunbar’s Number

Eva-Lotta Lamm

Paper by Wetransfer

Linea app

Sketchnote Handbook

Sketchnote Ideabook

Airship Notebooks

Sketchnote Army

Steve Jobs Commencement Speech

Sketchnoting Mini Workshop – Interaction South America 2017

Rohdesign (TwitterMicro.blogInstagram)

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