10: Watercolor with Anna Bucciarelli

Mike does some more outdoor watercolor work, prepares a new set of painting kits and finds out he may breathe like a creative. Mike is then joined by Canadian artist Anna Bucciarelli to talk about everything from watercolor to digital work, work/life balance, finding inspiration and teaching. If you’re an aspiring artist, Anna delivers a series of positive messages that will level up your creative game. 


Daniel Smith Watercolors

My palettes

Colours to pick for a 12-pan watercolor palette – Parka Blogs

Sketches – Mill of Kintail

Sketch – Almonte

Sketch – Stittsville

Petrykivka painting

Starbucks cup

Mint coins

Canadian Mint


Arches paper

Anna Bucciarelli (web site)

Anna Bucciarelli (Instagram)

Anna’s Skillshare courses

Special Skillshare discount trial (premium free for 2 months)

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