101: The Artistic Journey with Marc Taro Holmes: Urban Sketching (USK) and Beyond

Mike speaks to a recent workshop and shares news about upcoming fall events. Marc Taro Holmes joins Mike to share his journey from BFA to concept artist and art direction in the gaming industry. Marc discusses how he got into urban sketching, direct watercolor, and his annual challenges. He also talks about his exploration of oils and maybe a new project to come. His homework will keep you busy 😉

Wild Wonder 2023 – September 13-17

Mike’s workshop at Nature Journaling Week 2023 (replay)

Michael Whelan


Dungeons and Dragons

Boris Vallejo

Chris Foss

Frank Herbert

Forgotten Realms

Larry Elmore

Brothers Hildebrandt 

Alberta College of Art and Design

Rob McCallum on Drawing Inspiration (#16 & #33)

Final Fantasy Game


Southern Alberta Institute of Technology

Kenneth Scott

ID Software





Photoshop beta

USK (Urban Sketchers)

Worldwide sketch crawl – Enrico Casarosa

Pete Scully – fire hydrants

Direct Watercolor (Marc Taro Holmes)

Rita Sabler

Alla prima

Captain Tom on Drawing Inspiration (#17)

Jeremy Lipking

Seven heads human height

Cold wax painting

Calcium carbonate

Velázquez (impasto)

Marc’s watercolor supplies

John Singer Sargent



Uma Kelkar


Remington Robinson (altoid tins)

Art Toolkit

Maria Coryell-Martin on Drawing Inspiration (#85)

Liz Steel


Marina Grechanikcomic 

Montreal Comic Arts Festival

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Citizen Sketcher


M.holmes.art on Instagram

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Instagram @Mike_Hendley 

Twitter @MikeHendley

Mike’s drawing kit 

Show notes at DrawingInspiration.fm

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