104: Watercolors Meet Wanderlust on Alena Gastaldi’s Artistic Pilgrimage

Mike returns to the podcast after some time away, prepping for his presentation at Wild Wonder Conference 2023 and his new Etchr Drawing Course. Alena Gastaldi joins the podcast to discuss her journey from architecture in Russia to drawing and urban sketching worldwide. Her homework is something that will most certainly challenge you.

Wild Wonder Conference 2023

Mike’s Courses on Etchr

Tom and Jerry

Saint Petersburg

University of the Arts London


Koh Samui Thailand

Roald Dahl

J.R.R. Tolkien

Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy

Foundation Series (Isaac Asimov)

Foundation on AppleTV

The Expanse

Lamy Pens

Platinum Carbon Ink

Koval Sketchbooks (pro series)

Jane Blundell

Jeanne Dobie

Making Color Sing (Jeanne Cobie)

Pentel Water brush

Holbein brushes

Posca marker

Henri Matisse

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