108: Golden Visions: Anna Gibbs on Nature and Gold Leaf Artistry

Anna Gibbs discusses her journey as an artist, including her upbringing in a creative household, her academic pursuits, and her eventual gravitation towards art. She delves into the balance between her artistic inclinations and her academic interests, leading her to study philosophy, politics, and economics at university while nurturing her passion for art. The conversation also touches on the intersection of philosophy and art in her life, her experience with mental health, and her transition to a career as a full-time artist. Anna’s move to New Zealand and her exploration of oil painting are highlighted, along with her approach to digital art. The discussion also addresses the challenges of pursuing art professionally, including the role of social media and the need for validation in the artist’s journey.

Anna’s About page

Kant Aesthetics and Teleology

Immanuel Kant (Wikipedia)

Golden GAC 100


Copper patina

Viridian green

DaVinci micro nova


Golden Archival Mineral Acrylic Varnish (gloss)





Blind contour drawing

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