15: Tiff Arment on becoming an artist and #WeDrawWednesdays

Mike continues sketching into November and talks about WWII sketchbooks. Mike is then joined by Tiff Arment to discuss her journey in becoming an artist which includes her favourite mediums, recent Inktober success, going to back to school and her latest initiative, #WeDrawWednesdays.


Anna Bucciarelli Escoda real vs synthetic sable Brush Comparison

Paperlike 2

WWII Soldier and his sketchbooks

Cardinal ink sketch

Iguana sketch in ink

Cardinals in graphite

Blue jays in ink

Downy woodpecker in ink

Watercolor cardinal

Black-legged kittiwake in graphite

Cicada painting

Tiff Arment on Instagram



New York Academy of Art

Make Do

Top Four

Somehow I Manage

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