16: Making Movies and TV Shows with Storyboard and Concept Artist Rob McCallum

Mike has follow-up about a recent guest and talks about some graphite sketches. Mike is then joined by storyboard and concept artist Rob McCallum to discuss his art journey from his early days in Scotland with comics and movies to working with Stan Lee and transitioning to his movie and TV show work. Rob talks about some of his recent projects like Star Trek Discovery, IT, The Thing and Downsizing and how transitioning to the iPad and Procreate has transformed his workflow. 


== Updates ==


Procreate 5 beta

Artist Trading Cards


iguana (drawing)

grizzly bear (drawing)

green heron (drawing)

baby Yoda  (drawing)

== Main Show Content ==

The 7th Voyage of Sinbad

Ray Harryhausen

Star Wars

Quantel Paintbox

Electric Soup

Frank Quitely

2000 AD

Dark Horse Presents


Max Ulichney brushes

The Thing (2011)


Star Trek Discovery

Doug Jones (Commander Suru)

The Thing (1982)

Michael Ploog

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