23: A Journey to Ten Thousand Drawings with Artist and Illustrator Jennifer L. Meyer

Mike touches on COVID-19 and the impact on creatives. Mike also does some live drawing on Instagram and an interesting collaboration with an entomologist. Mike is then joined by the artist Jennifer L. Meyer who took a few minutes from her very busy schedule to talk about her career in illustration. She talks about her journey in becoming an illustrator from her early days to obtaining her BFA to some of her recent projects. Her passion for art, creating and storytelling is simply contagious. She talks about her process and tools as well as her work on Saving Emma the Pig and Lily to the Rescue books.


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Cardinal (graphite drawing)

Procreate Sketches two bugs and two people

Cockatiel (graphite drawing)

Orange (graphite drawing)

Spider start (graphite drawing)

Isa Betancourt (InstagramTwitter)

===== Interview Notes =====

The Biggest Little Farm

Saving Emma The Pig (John Chester, illustrated by Jennifer L. Meyer)

Copic Markers

Death (Terry Pratchett – Discworld)

Lily to the Rescue (W. Bruce Cameron, illustrated by Jennifer L. Meyer)

Lily to the Rescue: Two Little Piggies (W. Bruce Cameron, illustrated by Jennifer L. Meyer) 

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