25: Urban Sketching using the Hand, Eye and the Heart with Artist and Teacher Ian Fennelly

Mike receives a wonderful gift from a neighbour and does more live drawings. He also updates his online portfolio and talks about his tools and process on another podcast. He is then joined by world-renowned urban sketcher Ian Fennelly who talks about his experience as teacher and artist. He talks about his journey, his tools and his process highlighted by stories and the deep connections with art along the way.


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MoMA Courses (Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) via Coursera)

Digital drawings TigerBlue Heron and Red Panda

MikeHendley.com (portfolio update)

iPad Pros Episode 77

==== Main Show Content ====

Fabriano Paper

Smlt paper




Mitsubishi uniball pen

Winsor & Newton Paints

Pro Arte brushes

Tombow brush pens

David Hockney

Vincent Van Gogh

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