32: Managing Rejection, Finding Creative Projects, and UFOs

Mike reflects on a recent rejection and then looks forward to a couple of creative projects later this year. He talks about his new pencil, holder and sharpener. Mike spends some time exploring some local trails for plein air settings and shares a local UFO story that leads to some art. He ends the show by highlighting some artists on Instagram that have provided some recent inspiration.

Show notes

Sketchbook Project


ElegantUtility Hex Pencil Holder

Tombow (6B) 

Kum pencil sharpener

Eagles nest lookout (Calabogie, ON)

AllTrails (app)

The Guardian (Unsolved video on YouTube)

i_justdraw Allen

MiqueMichelle Mique

brejanz Brian

cherrishart Yulia

young_lilac Sheilah

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