33: Star Trek, Zombies and Procreate with Storyboard and Concept Artist Rob McCallum

Mike finished some more graphite work with a focus on depth and reflection. He then tries some plein air painting on the water without falling overboard. Rob McCallum is back to talk about the impact the pandemic has had on his role as a storyboard and concept artist in addition to some of his recent work including season 3 of Star Trek Discovery (no spoilers). They talk about drawing zombies and his upgrade to the iPad 2020. They also touch on what it means to be an artist with all the pressures of social media.

Show notes

Chipmunk drawing

Hummingbird drawing

Toad drawing (WIP)

Plein air on a paddle board 

Rob initial podcast appearance (Episode 16)

Rob’s photo space work (herehere or here)

Star Trek Discovery

Resident Evil Apocalypse

Land of the Dead

George RomeroGeorge and Rob

Resident Evil Afterlife

Rob on Threadless

Madi: Once Upon A Time In The Future

Max Ulichney’s Max Pack

Rob in Captain’s Chair


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