38: Exploring the Melody in Painting with Artist Cornelia Hernes

Mike continues his Inktober project and talks about his workflow and a few of the prompts. Mike shares a couple of books and then explores a video to help your coffee house sketching. Cornelia Hernes joins the podcast to talk about her journey in pursuing her lifelong passion. She speaks to the melody in art and developing your artistic vocabulary. She uses her skill and experience in art and teaching to explore art, uncover the many layers, and inspire anyone looking to improve their drawing and painting.

Show Notes

Mike Hendley’s Instagram

Virtual Cafe Sketching (Michael Relth Art)

Jo Brown’s book “Secrets of a Devon Wood”

Gown (Cornelia Hernes IG post)

Palette quiz (Cornelia Hernes IG post)

Michael Harding Paints

Williamsburg Oil Paints

People’s attachment to the wilderness is linked to the fulfillment of basic psychological needs, study finds

The Natural History Museum of Venice

Zorn palette

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