40: Feeding the Soul and Publishing Your Passion Project with Jo Brown

Mike welcomes graphite back in his life and makes some Patreon changes. He also talks about doing some more live draws and has new products to test. Jo Brown then joins the podcast to talk about her new book, which is based on her nature journal. She also shares her experience in drawing on a fiberglass otter in support of Dartmoor National Park. The talk about spiders and of course, mushrooms.

Episode 13: Mushrooms, Journals and Inktober with Jo Brown

Otter Varnish


Dartmoor Otter Project

Dartmoor National Park

Granite Tors of Dartmoor

Nature Journal Flip Video

Buy the book “Secrets of a Devon Wood” (Jo Brown)

Stone Art Competition

Ink cap post

Ink cap mushroom

Ero tuberculata emergence (spiderlings)

Red Sixty Seven book

Red Sixty Seven calendar

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Buy the book “Secrets of a Devon Wood” (Jo Brown)

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