42: Social Media, Finding Your Style and Fraggles with Andy J. Pizza

Mike works on getting ready for the holidays but does have a chance to finish a graphite piece. The wonderful Andy J. Pizza visits the podcast to talk about his journey and the impact of ADHD on becoming a successful creative speaker, illustrator and educator. Mike and Andy chat about the impact of social media on creativity, success and wellness. They explore education as an art form and of course Fraggles and Barbapapa make an appearance. Lastly, Andy somehow pulls out a confession from Mike that he never thought he would share.

Show Notes

Ducklings (Mike’s drawing)

“Mindset” by Dr. Carol S. Dweck

Creative Pep Talk Podcast


“To Sell is Human” by Daniel H. Pink

Creative Pep Episode 229 – The 6 Step Process to Unlock Powerful Creative Business Momentum

Andy J. Pizza on Skillshare


“Death of the Artist” by William Deresiewicz

Creative Pep Episode 297 – Why Creatives are Struggling and Where to Refocus Your Energy with William Deresiewicz

Cantus the Minstrel from Fraggle Rock


Jacob’s Ladder (IMDB)


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