44: Dog Stories, Animation and Creating a Positive Impact with Michael Relth

Mike gets close to launching the newsletter and his first shop. He also received some new pencils and a wonderful new tool. Michael Relth then joins the podcast to talk about his journey from art school to writing and illustrating his first book. Michael talks about the need to make a positive impact with his art and how critical it is to have a circle of trust. He talks about his work with animation and the piece he did as a commission for Procreate. Michael also talks about the importance of establishing a routine.

Show notes

Sharpener Comparison (Carl Angel-5)

Color swatch

Drawing Inspiration: Episode 9 with Sam Hopkins (Shoebox Studio)

Guernica (Picasso)

Anne Bridges Art Studio

Orange Country School of the Arts





Animated girl and dog walking – Instagram

Behind the scenes of girl and dog animation – YouTube

Picture book by Dog

Savannah Brown (self-publishing poetry) – YouTube

Henry Darger

Lara is a bird – YouTube

Drawing Inspiration: Episode 41 with Andrea Ross

Story – Robert McKee

Understanding Comics – Scott McCloud

Save the Cat – Blake Snyder

Sunset drive – Instagram

Piece from Italy waving at each other – Instagram

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