45: Facing Your Demons, Fearing the Pinnacle and Painting Eggs with Sarah Marie Lacy

Mike opens his online shop and talks about a couple of challenges. Mike then welcomes artist and teacher Sarah Marie Lacy to the podcast to talk about her journey from Canada to France and back as a formally trained artist. Sarah discusses her early beginnings and how the discovery of a piece in a coffee table book written by a nun brought her to a Studio Escalier. They talk about the challenges with portraiture, the beauty of the human body especially light on cellulite, and the special connection between model and artist. To help you break out of your shell, Sarah then provides some “eggcellent” homework that may leave you a bit scrambled.



Sarah Marie Lacy

Sister Wendy Beckett – BBC show

1000 Masterpieces of Western Art – Sister Wendy Beckett

Diego Velasquez – Waterseller of Seville

Kristy Gordon Artist

Studio Escalier

Egg painting – @smlacy on Instagram 

Self portrait “all of my demons tell me to give up” – @smlacy on Instagram

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