46: Space Jellyfish, Journaling and the Value of Mentors with Artist Kina Forney

Mike shares a new promo from a friend of the show and also talks about his first newsletter edition involving dinosaurs. Mike is joined by Kina Forney who talks about her creative journey and how a fine arts degree with a focus on computation arts helps to shape her early work. Kina talks about her incredible jellyfish and nebula work and why the canvas you need to paint on maybe be right in front of you, or above your head 🙂 She talks about journaling and creating her own journal using Kickstarter. They also talk about mentorship, understanding what you are leaving behind, the importance of self-care, and remembering to just be yourself.

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Jupiter Triptych

The Journal Project

Six Exercises to Create a Successful Side Project – Andy J Pizza Side on Skillshare

Arts Network Ottawa Mentorship Program

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