47: Daily Doodles, TikTok, and Patreon with Artist Myriam Tillson

Myriam Tillson makes a return to the podcast to talk about her daily doodle exercise. Mike and Myriam then take a deep dive on a few of her pieces to explore the impact they have had on her as well as others. Myriam talks about a recent post on TikTok and why she will be doing more of them. They then discuss her YouTube channel and the impact Patreon has had on her career and her creative well-being. 

Original Drawing Inspiration Appearance – Episode 11 (September 2019)

Daily Doodle Diary

Doodle Walkthrough (YouTube)



Ouroboros (snake image)


TikTok post

Process video for Tether (YouTube)

Elon Musk sending artists to the moon (article)

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