48: Urban Sketching, Finding Your People, and The Power of The Fude with Marek Badzynski

Marek Badzynski joins the podcast to talk about his journey from Poland to Canada and architect to urban sketcher. Marek talks about his early days in Europe and how urban sketching saved him from a police incident. He then discusses his approach to using fountain pens with the fude nib as well as water-soluble graphite. He also addresses how to separate the collector of art supplies from the artist and keeping your kit small. Marek has some great tips for anyone interested in urban sketching.

Mike’s lynx drawing

Urban Sketchers (Wiki)

Drawing Inspiration Interview with Captain Tom #17

USK Symposium

Urban Sketchers Ottawa

James Gurney easel

Urban Sketchers Chicago

Sailor fude nib pens

Platinum Carbon Ink

Diatremntes ink

Rohrer and Klingner Ink

Duke 551 Confucius Fude Pen

Water soluble graphite 

Drawing on The Right Side of the Brain – Betty Edwards

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Marek’s fountain pens

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