49: Exploring a Fantasy World of Charcoal and Graphite with Artist Eric Messinger

Mike shares a story about connections. Eric Messinger then joins the podcast to talk about his incredible charcoal and graphite fantasy art. Eric has a unique style and approach using abstract use of charcoal in prepping the paper for his characters to visit. He goes through his process and then Mike and Eric have a great discussion about paper and pencils. Eric uses an interesting approach to starting a fantasy piece and his homework will certainly involve all your senses 🙂

Dungeons and Dragons (Wikipedia) 

Image Comics

Handy app (iPad)

Generals Charcoal pencil

Kneaded eraser

Blue tack

Episode 48: Marek Badzynski on Urban Sketching

Clutch pencils (Staedtler)

Mars Lumograph Black Pencils

Pentel Graphgear 1000

Blackwing Matte Pencil

Tombow MONO

The Myth of Talent – Eric Messinger on YouTube 

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