50: Combining Digital Visual Journalism and Activism with Cartoonist Liza Donnelly

Liza Donnelly joins Mike on this episode to talk about her creative journey in becoming a cartoonist for the New Yorker, Medium, Cosmopolitan, and so many other publications. She talks about her mindset, tools and what it takes to become a successful cartoonist by sharing her stories and experiences along the way. Liza’s drive to make people happy which started when she was quite young is still what drives her today. Mike and Liza discuss the role of cartoons in modern society, live draws, thoughtful reactions to news events and her role in promoting women’s rights and freedom of speech.

Cardinal sketch

Snapping turtle update

James Thurber

Sam Gross (cartoonist)

Charles Addams (cartoonist)

Roz Chast (cartoonist)

Paper app on iPad

Crow quill pen and a hunt 107 nib

Higgins black magic ink

Charlie Hebdo shooting

Danish cartoon controversy

The Nib

Jan Goodall

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