52: Color Versus Line and Demystifying Oil Painting with Kimberly Brooks

Mike talks about some colored pencil pieces and future plans. Artist and author Kimberly Brooks joins the podcast to talk about her journey and her new book, “The New Oil Painting”. They talk about her beginnings and how she took control of her own journey. She talks about color versus line for all artists and not being precious about your work.

Cardinals ( version 1 digital, version 2version 3 )

Sketch of Carter

Carter on Spotify

Interlochen Centre for the Arts

Walter Landor

White on white painting (K. Malevich)


Grace Coddington

Creative process in 8 steps (TEDx Talk)

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The New Oil Painting (official site for the book)

First Person Artist

Kimberly Brooks (@kimberlybrooksartist on IG)

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