54: Chasing Your Dreams, Animal Crackers, and Painting Every Day with Scott Sava

Mike talks about an online collaborative tool for digital art as well as a couple of graphite pieces. Scott Christian Sava joins the podcast to talk about his journey and fulfilling his dream to work on Spider-Man. He then talks about his Netflix movie, “Animal Crackers”. They explore Scott’s posting and daily painting practice on TikTok. Scott shares how he does not let TikTok define him while still allowing it to affect him. Scott then shares how he is leaving breadcrumbs for himself through his work.


Snapping turtle (graphite pencil)

Dragonfly (graphite pencil)

Tom Bancroft (website)

Atari (Wikipedia)

Malibu Comics (Wikipedia)

Stan Lee (Wikipedia)

Marv Wolfman (Wikipedia)

Barry Windsor-Smith (Wikipedia)

Casper (IMDB)

Alex Ross (website)

Len Wein (marvel)

Axel Alonso (Wikipedia)

The Dreamland Chronicles (Website)

Little Nemo In Slumberland (Wikipedia)

Animal Crackers (NetflixIMDB)

The Hobbit Hole (TikTok)

Swiss Medic Bag (TikTok)

Galen Leather Writer’s Medic Bag

James Gurney Episode 18 Drawing Inspiration Podcast

Robin Williams (TikTok)

Stan Lee (TikTok)

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