57: Cars, Coconuts, and Letting Go of Perfection with France Van Stone

Mike continues his work with watercolor by painting a tractor and some bees and then he draws some rocks. France Van Stone then joins the podcast to share her creative journey. France has been able to carry her passion for art through her life while working full-time as a French teacher. She talks about the influence of living near a large car manufacturer in France when she was younger and the lovely accidents along the way that shape our art. They explore the tools, materials, and approaches she has used to develop her work. They also talk about the impact of social media on creating and sharing and services like Micro.blog and owning your own content. 

Danny Gregory (book “Creative License”)

R60 Motorcycle with Alvin



Alvin Chong

Liz Steel

Moleskine Sketchbook

Blick Smooth Bristol paper

Procreate Brushes


Sketch! (Book)





The Boneyard


The Car

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