61: Connections, Embracing Challenges, and Enjoying the Present with Gayle Kabaker

Mike completes another page in his nature journal, visits a local historic site and talks about prompts like #sciartseptember and Inktober. Artist and teacher Gayle Kabaker joins the podcast to talk about her creative journey from fashion illustrator to portraiture and cover design. She recently complete her seventh cover for The New Yorker Magazine. She has also done work with Vital Voices including a book with 100 of her portraits.



King estate paint

Maya Hum

Liz Butler and Glendon Mellow for #SciArtSeptember


Instagram (@GayleKabaker)

The New Yorker

“Blown Covers” by Françoise Mouly

“June Brides”

Vital Voices

Vital Voices Book

Jennifer Orkin Lewis (@augustwren)

“100 Days of Drawing” by Jennifer Orkin Lewis

Sketching my way through crisis – Washington Post Article

Strathmore Mixed Media Soft Cover

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