62: Scientific Illustration, Flying Trilobites and Social Media with Glendon Mellow

Mike talks about some recent work, podcast starter packs, and Inktober plans. Artist and writer Glendon Mellow joins the podcast to talk about scientific illustration also know as #sciart. He talks about his journey from a fine art degree, to retail and then writing for Scientific American. Mike and Glendon talk about the tools of the trade and how being a dad impacts your art. They also talk about finding your ambassador piece. Glendon then provides some helpful information on how to navigate social media as an artist and the importance of online allies.

Tardigrade sketches (web)

Wood duck (web)

Drawing Inspiration Discord Server

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Carl Zimmer (web)

Ed Yong (web)

Riley Black (web)

David Orr (web)

John Hawks (Twitter)

Emily Willingham (web)

Invivo (web)

Symbiartic (web)

Carla Patriquin (Twitter)

Trilobite (Wikipedia)

Flying Trilobite (web)

Tardigrade (Wikipedia)

Carl Buell (web)

Mikes short video about tardigrades (YouTube)

ArtRage Vitae (web)

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Fabriano (web)

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Royal Ontario Museum – ROM (web)

Mark Witton (web)

Brian Engh (YouTube)

Crash McCreery (IMDB)

Liz Butler (Twitter)

Eric Orchard (Wikipedia)

Facebook Now Holding Your Audience for Ransom – Katie McKissick

Emily damstra (web)

Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain

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