68: Taming Inner Demons with Pencils and Magic with Marta Witkiewicz

Mike talks about a recent course, some new pieces in his online store as well as revealing his 2022 theme. Mike is then joined by Marta Witkiewicz who talks about her journey from the forests and meadows to Poland to a world of magic and fantasy. Marta talks about her demons and how art has provided her with a safe harbor. She shares her technical skills, her love of writing, and her thoughts about social media. Her homework will leave you wondering, why?

Dog and chickadee


Art vs artist

Eating Disorders (WebMD)

Stanislaw Witkiewicz

Salvador Dali

William-Adolphe Bouguereau


Art Renewal Center

Academy of Realist Art in Toronto

Barcelona Academy of Art

Arantzazu Martinez (Atelier in Madrid)

Ear, eye and nose

”Daughter of the Night Sky”

Canson Bristol

Fabriano paper

Strathmore 400 series Bristol

”The Keeper”


Alla Prima

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Instagram https://www.instagram.com/martawit_art/

Web https://martawitkiewicz.com/


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