70: Escaping Expectations with Vibrant Colors and Canvases of Dreams with Shima Star

Mike plays with colored pencils on black toned paper and revisits graphite with a wonderful photogenic gecko. Mike is then joined by Shima Star who is an amazing artist he met through Clubhouse. They talk about her journey from exploring creativity in secret to creating and then following her own path. Shima talks about her inspiration for her work and mediums. She also speaks to building a large community on Clubhouse and how to foster acceptance as well as empowering and celebrating women and people of color. Her homework will provide you with a vision.

Mushroom solo (Coloured pencil on Strathmore black 400 series)

Mushroom with webs (Coloured pencil on Strathmore black 400 series)

Gecko (Graphite on Strathmore Bristol Smooth)

Cole (@Tropicol on Instagram)

David Hockney Polaroid collage of grandmother

“Quiet” by Susan Cain


Queen Shima Kali


Art Club on Clubhouse

Paula Rego Studio

Frida Kahlo

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