71: Channeling the Old Masters in the Land of Enchantment with Eric Romero

Mike talks about his new role as an Artist Ambassador for Pentel Canada. He also talks about his recent works using a mix of different media including 3D printing. Mike is then joined by self-taught artist Eric Romero whose representational style embraces work that reflects the influences from New Mexico, the Land of Enchantment. His influences from the old masters are evident in his work. They talk about his journey in becoming a self-taught artist, working with grants as well as pricing your art. The homework will elevate your creativity.

Pentel Canada Artist Ambassadors



Black Stonehenge watercolor paper

Thingiverse (3D Printing Plans)

Lithophane Creator


Artemisia Gentileschi

Albrecht Dürer


Lapis Room

Sandro Botticelli’s – The Birth of Venus

”Mestizaje” by Eric Romero

Silver Brush

Williamsburg Oil Paints

”Belemente Dolorosa” by Eric Romero


Eric Romero’s Digital Afterlife NFTs on OpenSea


Sara Jessica Kollig 

“Imperfect Perfection” by Eric Romero

“Art Imitating Art” by Eric Romero

Elizabeth Greenshields Foundation

Retablo by Eric Romero

Nicolas Otero

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