73: Pencils, Polygons and Sculpting in 3D with Glen Southern

Mike continues his live draw sessions on Instagram and talks about how to become a guest. Mike is then joined by Glen Southern who has been working in 3D modeling for over 20 years. He shares his journey and then they dive deep into the hardware and software that allows for the magic to happen. They cover desktop apps but spend much more time on the iPad as a creative tool. They also touch on 3D printing. Glen’s homework may leave your favourite character exposed.

Eastern Bluebird – Mike

Raccoon – Mike

Autodesk 3ds Max 


Creativity Inc



Penny Dreadful

Adobe Substance

Fusion 360

Rhinoceros 3d

YouTube channel

Nomad Sculpt


Adobe Medium 

Gravity Sketch

Oculus Quest 2

Adobe Medium video


Creality Ender

Elegoo Mars

Phenom 3D printer

Vertex Show in UK

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