75: Breathing Life into the Pages of Vintage Books with Craig Williams

Mike talks about his recent perpetual journal entries, an Instagram reel, and celebrates some friends who have reached 100 episodes of their podcast. Mike also talks about his live draws, being kind to yourself, and using social media for your own needs. Mike is then joined by Craig Williams. Craig has an interesting story from a science degree to illustrating some interesting animals in his home in Tasmania. His use of graphite is incredible, and his journey to acrylic has produced some incredible bird illustrations on the pages of vintage books. 

Make Do Podcast 

Live draw/paint (dragonfly)

Mike Hendley Fine Art on YouTube

Perpetual journal entries (daffodil, rose hips)

Rose Hip Reel on Instagram

Happy Pencil Day

Tasmania Devil


Astacopsis gouldi (giant fresh water crayfish)

Queen Victoria Museum & Art Gallery

Peter Trusler

Carbon dust on clay board

Guild of Natural Science Illustrators


Golden Open paint

“Talent is Overrated” by Geoff Colvin

Biz Buds Podcast

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