76: A Journey from Fine Art to Urban Sketching with Paul Heaston

Mike continues with his entries in his perpetual journal and some other studies with ink and watercolor. Mike also creates an alternative for those interested in supporting him and the podcast. Paul Heaston sits down with Mike to talk about his journey from drawing whales to his MFA and now urban sketching. He talks about his teachers’ powerful influence on his creative journey and how he sought creative inspiration from his interests. Paul talks about his tools, approach, and experimentation driven by curiosity. His homework will offer you a different view of the world.

Buymeacoffee (Buy Me a Brush 🙂 )

Live draw (spider – coloured pencil on black paper)

Owl (coloured pencil)

Perpetual journal (common hooded merganser, painted turtle)

Milkweed, lily of valley, blue jay feather

===== Interview Notes =====

Calvin and Hobbes

The Far Side

The Simpsons

Tom & Jerry

The Voyage of the Mimi

California Gray whale

Alice Neel (artist)

Chuck Close (artist)

Philip Pearlstein (artist)

Sliding tile puzzle

Ed Ruscha and “Every Building on the Sunset Strip”, 1966

Gabi Campanario 

Urban Sketchers (Instagram, Web)

Liz Steel

Everyday Matters (Danny Gregory)

Creative Talent Network  – VizDev show

Lamy Safari

Alvin Wong

Hero M86 Fude Pen (The Pen Addict Review)

Stillman & Birn – Epsilon Series


Hahnemuhle Nostalgie

Platinum Carbon Ink

De Atrementes Document Ink

Ed Mostly

Noodler’s Lexington Gray

Gelly Roll White Pen

Signo white pen (Uniball)

Posca paint pens

Molotow white paint marker

Deleter White 2 for Manga

Artgraf Watersoluble Graphite

Urban Sketching Summer Retreat – Madeline Island school of the Arts

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