77: Google Doodles, Route 66 and the Animated Sketchbook Journey with Matthew Cruickshank

Mike has a productive couple of weeks and is set to appear as a guest on another podcast. Google Art Director Matthew Cruickshank joins the podcast to talk about his latest Google Doodle exploring Route 66. Matthew talks about his early days with Warner Brothers and Disney and how his sketchbook brought him to Google.

Make Do podcast

Frog and butterfly 

Mouse in tulip


Firefly larva

Sea turtle (image, IG reel)

Pussy willow

Pasque flower

===== Interview Notes =====

Tom and Jerry


Frank Espinosa

Ye Crooked Leg (Matthew’s blog)

Mike Dutton

Rodin Google Doodle

Submit your own ideas via the Google Doodle page

Stephen Hawking birthday Doodle

Dr Who Doodle

Earth day with Jane Goodall

Gabriel Garcia Marquez (100 years of solitude)


Route 66 Video Doodle

Route 66 Wikipedia

Celebrating Georges Méliès

Oscar Grillo 

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