81: The Practice and Journey of Art with Artist and Science Illustrator Mesa Schumacher

Mike announces a new partnership with Etchr and talks about the upcoming Wild Wonder Nature Journaling Conference. Mike is then joined by Mesa Schumacher who talks about her career in medical and science illustration. Mike and Mesa discuss her educational background and her ability to find success in creating stunning representations of the natural and biological world. She not only shares her tools and experience but she also provides advice for the artist interested in starting their own business or bringing it to the next level. She also speaks to the power of the iPad providing the opportunity to create while managing a young family. Her homework may involve something about sea cucumbers 🙂

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Wild Wonder Nature Journaling Conference


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Larry Gonick

Chavín de Huántar in Peru

Lithic analysis


Guild of Natural Science Illustrators (GNSI)

Gage Academy Atelier School

Johns Hopkins Medical Illustration Graduate Program

August University Medical Illustration

University of Illinois Chicago

University of Toronto

Rochester Institute of Technology

Fernando Baptista Graphic Editor (National Geographic)

Stephen Sondheim – “Look I made a Hat”

Robert Bateman Interview

Micron (Sakura)



Cinema 4D

Manga Studio


Wacom intous 5

Max Brodel

Sea Cucumber

Honey pot ants

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