82: From Murals to Miniatures, Supporting Conservation Through Art with Zoe Fitchet

Mike announces the winner of the Etchr sketchbook giveaway. Mike also has some conference tickets to share. Zoe Fitchet joins the podcast to talk about her journey from being the arty one to designer and then pursuing her dream. She talks about her early works and then they explore her love of animals and how her artwork is supporting conversation worldwide. From miniature drawings in colored pencil to larger acrylic pieces, Zoe is exploring it all. Her homework will challenge you in a couple of ways.

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Wild Wonder Nature Journaling Giveway (Google form)

Wild Wonder Nature Journaling Conference 2022

Black raspberries

Tiny graphite rabbit

Tiny Deer


Painted turtle

Jessica Lennox (IG)

Daniel Fisher (IG)

Faber-Castell Polychromos Pencils

Fabriano Artistico hot press paper

Miniatures (IG)

Cape Buffalo (IG)

Asian Water Buffalo

Somali Ostrich

Dog’s Trust

African Cat Project

Game and Wildlife Conservation Trust

Bella Mandl interview (IG)

Art the Science


Super tuskers 

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Website – ZoeFitchet.co.uk

Instagram – @zoefitchetart

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