83: Being Curious, Social Media, and the Joy of Watercolors and Acrylics with Alyssa Doggett

Mike talks about a few art updates and announces some YouTube videos are coming soon. Mike is then joined by Alyssa Doggett to talk about her creative journey. As an early career artist, Alyssa has found her creative path lined with watercolor, gouache and acrylic. She has leveraged social media to share her artwork which highlights the beauty of Nova Scotia and its surroundings.


Mike on Youtube

NSCAD University

Wedding piece

Argyle Fine Art in Halifax


Saunders Waterford paper

Rosemary and Co

Pentel Aquash Water Brush

Da Vinci Eye App

Splice app

Masterson stay wet palette

===== How to reach Alyssa Doggett =====

Instagram – @watercolorsmakemesmile

TikTok – @watercolorsmakemesmile

Website – http://www.watercolorsmakemesmile.ca/

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