84: Draw Yourself Calm Using Patterns in Nature with Amy Maricle

Mike reflects on the life changes that can impact a creative and shares some of his recent works. Amy Maricle stops by the podcast to talk about her new book, “Draw Yourself Calm” which taps into those patterns all around us in nature. She shares her journey from art therapist to creativity teacher through blog posts, social media posts, videos and courses. Mike and Amy explore slow drawing, paper cutting and her annual “Inchie” challenge. Her homework will keep you on track.

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SciArt September


Frog (watercolor)

Rabbit and butterfly (penci)

Baby gorilla (colored pencil on black paper)

Grapes (watercolor in an Etchr sketchbook)

Snow leopard (watercolor on black Legion paper)

Art Therapist

Sakura Micron

Sketchboard Pro

Daniel Smith Watercolors

Pentel Arts Aqua brush


Andrew Wong (@10past9) on Instagram

Little bunny drawing

Paper cutting work

Accordion collaboration project with Kate Sherwood

Draw Yourself Calm on Amazon

Gathering Moss by Robin Wall Kilmmerer

Circles larger piece

Inchie challenge

Courses by Amy

Sharone Stevens

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