85: Exploring Landscapes Around the World with Art ToolKit Founder Maria Coryell-Martin

Mike reflects on the Wild Wonder 2022 Nature Journal Conference and some art he has been working on. Mike is then joined by Maria Coryell-Martin to talk about her journey and how her job as an expeditionary artist led her to create her own company, Art Toolkit, supplying tools for nature journalers and urban sketchers worldwide. They talk about her various destinations and how we can use some of those experiences right in our own areas.

Perpetual journal (Mushrooms, Buckeye leaves

Quick studies (Wood frog, Pill bug/roly poly isopod, Blue-spotted salamander)

 Bobcat in graphite (WIP)

Juneau Icefield Research Program

Thomas J. Watson Fellowship

L’Anse aux Meadows

Art Toolkit discount code (10% off using code MHDRAWS10 which is valid until December 31, 2022)

Arches paper

Canson Mi-Teintes paper

Niaqornat (Greenland) blog post

Norway Residency (2022) blog post

Singla Creative Residency

Thomas Moran (National Park Service)

Emily Carr

Kristin Laidre – Narwhal scientist

Solastagia – Wikipedia

Rosemary and Co (Art Toolkit store)

Hahnemühle Toned Watercolor Book (Art Toolkit)

Blue shop towels (Mike’s Kit site)

Pentel water brush (Mike’s Kit site)

Niji Flat Water Brush

Captain Tom podcast (Episode 17)

Aki Kurose animated story

Inspiring Girls Expeditions

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