86: Mixed media, Watercolor and Taking the Road Less Traveled with Tina Hotchkiss 

Mike talks about Inktober as well as other monthly challenges and shares some of his recent work. Tina Hotchkiss then joins the show to talk about her journey from a child who found creativity to help with her dyslexia to art teacher. She talks about how industrial design led to her current role as artist and teacher from kids to seniors. Her homework will give you the tools to bring you art to a new level.

25 Haystacks by Monet 

Mike’s mushroom sketch 

Mike’s bobcat in graphite

Vulture render


Jackson Pollock

Lisa Congdon interview (episode 22)

John Smolko

Black Gesso

Prismacolor pencil

Leaf gesso video

Horse commission

Masking fluid

Rubber cement pick-up

Golden matte medium

American Journey paint from Cheap Joe’s

Daniel Smith

Winsor & Newton


Fabriano Artistico

Etchr (code ‘mikeh’ for 10% off your next order)

Will J Bailey Books

Sheila Cain-Sample Artist (sketchbooks)

Escoda Pearla brush

Joseph Zbukvic Escoda

Princeton Neptune

Elements of Art & Principles of Design

Georges Seurat

Edgar Payne

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