87: Illustration, Urban Sketching and Kickstarting Your Creative Obsession with Christina Wald 

Mike begins reflecting on 2022 and looks to 2023. He talks about recent pieces, including a new subject for some digital work. Artist, Illustrator, and writer Christina Wald joins the podcast to discuss her journey from industrial design to working with properties such as Star Wars and Lord of the rings before illustrating over 60 children’s books. Her recent exploration of urban sketching has led her to author her first book, which has led to a Kickstarter.

Eagle in ink (Mike IG)

Red-eyed tree frog (Mike IG)

Bunny (Mike IG)

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Dancer in Procreate (Mike IG)

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Colleen Doran

Carl Sagan

Wizards of the Coast

Babylon 5


C. F. Payne

David Michael Beck

John Maggard

Brothers Hilldebrant 

Michael Whelan




Mesa Schumacher Interview

Basquiat copy fedex

Qor Watercolor

Amy Bogard

Brenda Murray

Larry MacDougall

Patricia Ann MacDougall

James Gurney Interview

Blackwing pencils


My Sketching Obsession

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Instagram – @christinawald_art

Web site – christinawald.com

Kickstarter for book – My Sketching Obsession


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