88: For the Love of Architecture on Land and at Sea with Pencil Artist Greg DiNapoli

Mike talks a little about what’s happening in social media and how to make sure you are seen, heard and protected. Greg DiNapoli joins the podcast to talk about his journey from playing with LEGO building bricks to a fascination with lighthouses and the Titanic that later became the subjects of his work. His ability to render architecture in pencil is incredible in not only being able to capture proportion and scale but also the beauty and age of these wonderful structures. His homework will have you looking up.

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World Trade Center (Wikipedia)

New Jersey Lighthouse Society

Canadian Lighthouses (Wikipedia)

Brooklyn Bridge (Wikipedia)

Brooklyn Bridge drawing timelapse

Chrysler building drawing

Strathmore Bristol Series 400

Staedtler Mars Lumograph 

Tombow mono zero eraser

Twin Lights (Wikipedia)

Twin Lights (South Tower Drawing)

Barnegat Lighthouse (Wikipedia)

Barnegat Lighthouse drawing

Empire State Building drawing

Titanic (Wikipedia)

Titanic artist Ken Marschall 

New Titanic WIP

Minoru Yamasaki – Designer of the twin towers (Wikipedia)

Hawksbill turtle (WWF) and Drawing by Greg

Paul Heaston Interview #76 

France Van Stone Interview #57 

Scott Maier #31

Thomas Andrew’s Titanic Shipbuilder (Wikipedia)

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