89: Depicting Canadian Landscapes, Cottage Country, and Streetcars Using Acrylics with Kenneth Kirsch

Mike reflects on some recent watercolor pieces and also talks about his new experience with acrylic. Kenneth Kirsch joins Mike to share his journey from being a creative kid to graphic design and now a successful landscape artist. Ken talks about his tools, his process, and the stories along the way, like meeting the Rolling Stones, that have contributed to the artist he is today. His homework may have left you feeling limited, but it will give you more power.

Mezozoic Art: Dinosaurs and Ancient Animals in Art

My Sketching Obsession Book

Acrylic Tiger beginning

Watercolor tiger eye (QoR Watercolors)

Mice on greeting cards (1 and 2)

Pine marten

CN Tower (wikipedia)

Seneca college

Eaton Centre

Robert Bateman

Robert Bateman on the Drawing Inspiration podcast

Ken Danby

Group of Seven

Streetcar on Queen Street 1963

Early Evening Paddle

Kim Mitchell

Jeff Healey

Pine Ridge Art

Select Art Galleries in Newmarket

Alex Coville

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