90: Unfolding Creativity: The Art of Lifting with Paper Artist Andrew Wong

Mike continues with cats in watercolor and acrylic. Andrew Wong (10past9) joins the podcast to discuss his creative journey from fashion design to paper artist. Andrew talks about how curiosity and persistence led him to a process he now calls lifting. His exploration of digital work and portraiture has allowed him to focus on skills he can use in a process he calls “lifting”. Andrew’s work seeks to highlight and celebrate the beauty of his culture and heritage and others who fill under or misrepresented. Andrew provides two pieces of homework that may help lift your creative abilities. 

WillJBailey Shop

Tiger work in progress shot

Amur leopard

Hong Kong


Dolce & Gabbana


Spirited Away

Low poly art

Paper quilling

Mod podge glue


Medicine ship




Dontae – @Iamdmuse

Vero and Noonlight studio

”Masks” at Above Art Studios

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