91: The Art of Storytelling with Jared Cullum: Comics, Writing, Watercolor, and Plein Air Painting

Mike reflects on 2022 and highlights some of collaborations in addition to Patron supporters and listeners just like you. Jared Cullum joins the podcast to talk about his journey from graphic design to getting back to basics with drawing and then discovering watercolor. He talks about how his art has evolved based on a love of cartoons to watercolor, gouache and plein air painting. He talks about how some creative processes are like climbing a mountain and how it is best to tend to the part of the garden you can reach. Jared shares his tips and tricks are around the tools he uses day to day. His homework is top secret.


Tamarin Monkey

Secretary Bird

Tiger in Aryclic

Disney Xerox method

Lewis Trondheim 

Cyril Pedrosa – Portugal

Berthe Morisot

Claude Monet

Winslow Homer

John Singer Sargent

Andrew Wyeth

Kodi book

Fraggle Rock


Cotman box

John Singer Sargent

Arches watercolor paper

Saunders Waterford

Will J. Bailey

Dina Brodsky 

Sheila Cain-Sample

James Gurney

James Gurney on the Drawing Inspiration podcast

Art Toolkit

Art Toolkit on Jared YouTube

Etchr sketchbook 


Wonder City

Hayao Miyazaki

Sylvain Chomet

Jake Parker Interview

New York Botanical Gardens

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