94: Painting the Town: Exploring Urban Scenes with Shari Blaukopf

Mike talks about a new app helping with his art and how you can be part of upcoming episode 100. Mike is then joined by Shari Blaukopf, a Montreal-based painter, teacher, author, and art blogger. Shari is a renowned watercolor artist best known for her urban scenes. Her unique approach to watercolor painting and sketching has earned her a spot as a correspondent for UrbanSketchers.org, co-founder of Urban Sketchers Montreal, and a signature Canadian Society of Painters member in Watercolour.

In this episode, we’ll dive into Shari’s artistic journey from graphic designer to teacher and urban sketcher. We will explore the techniques she uses to create her stunning pieces, her favorite tools, and what she uses as motivation for urban sketching. Be sure to stick around to the end for the homework, which is a mission I think we should all take on.

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Freeform app

Nature Journal Educator Workshop

Concordia University

Ed Whitney

Frank Webb

Skip Lawrence

Frederick Wong


Rule of thirds

The Art of Composition

Marc Taro Holmes

Montreal Urban Sketchers


Chateau Laurier

Gurney Easel

Captain Tom Photo

Captain Tom Interview on Drawing Inspiration

Hannemuhle sketchbook – A4 (portrait and landscape)

Platinum Carbon Desk pen

Confucius fountain pen

Pitt pens XS and S

Platinum carbon ink



Rosemary travel brush (round sable)

da Vinci rigger liner Casaneo

Pentel water brush

Muji store pencil


Remington Robinson (Altoid case oil painter)

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