95: Painting Hope and Peace: Dr. Marisa Azad’s Vision for the Future of Art and Medicine

Mike launched his first drawing course and brought some blues into his recent pieces. Mike is then joined by Dr. Marisa Azad, who is an infectious diseases orthopedic physician and researcher at the Ottawa Hospital and a gifted fine artist known for her captivating digital oil paintings. From her early beginnings to her inspiring transition to digital art due to asthma, Dr. Azad’s work explores the intersection of art, science, and medicine. As the lead researcher of the groundbreaking ARTICU Project, she seeks to bring hope and peace to those facing loss and bereavement.

Etchr course “Textures and Depth with Graphite Pencil Drawing”

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Kingfisher (Mike Hendley)

Blue poison dart frog (Mike Hendley)

Lynx WIP (Mike Hendley)

Vicky Beamish

Mayo Clinic

The Ottawa Hospital (TOH)

Ottawa Hospital Research Institute (OHRI)

Periprosthetic join infection 

Episode 52: Kimberly Brooks 

Episode 94: Shari Blaukopf 

Cintiq tablet

Corel Painter

Adobe Photoshop


Dr. Marisa Azad


Hummingbird piece

‘For Rose”

Published paper in JAMA

Dr. Alan Greenspan

“Night’s Edge” 


“Nothing to Celebrate” 

Leonardo da Vinci

CBC Story

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