96: The Unlimited Art of the Limited Palette with Hazel Soan

Mike talks about a subject he rarely draws or paints and then practices some urban sketching. Hazel Soan stops by to talk about her new book “Art of the Limited Palette: A Step-By-Step Practical Watercolour Guide.” Hazel shares her start in finding the time and light to create. She shares her passion and knowledge of watercolor, speaking to warm and cool colors, triads, and staining versus granulating colors. Her homework will help you discover something lost or forgotten. 

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Barn owl

Rick the Muse

Writers’ Museum sketch

Marek Badzinski on Drawing Inspiration – Episode 48

David Hockney

Jackson Pollock

Mark Rothko

The Encyclopedia of Landscape Techniques

Heisenberg uncertainty principle

Saunders Waterford paper

Arches paper

Khadi papers


Winsor & Newton


Horses on the beach

Man in a turbin

Art of the Limited Palette book

Hazel’s palette


Ultramarine blue history and lapis lazuli

History of Indian Yellow

Learn to Paint People Quickly book

Learn Watercolor Quickly 

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