98: The World of Urban Sketching: Architecture, Art, and Travel with Stephanie Bower

Mike has been busy with the road to 100 episodes but found time to create a cute baby sea turtle painting. Stephanie Bower joins the podcast to talk about her journey into urban sketching. Stephanie reveals the devastating event that led to her first travel sketch experience. Of course, they talk about tools, supplies, and her process. Mike and Stephanie go through her new book, “The World of Urban Sketching,” and she highlights some incredible artists who shared their work. Her homework will keep you in line and bring focus.

Link for SpeakPipe

Bullfrog course at Etchr Studio 

Tina Hotchkiss Drawing Course and Tina on Drawing Inspiration #86

Drawing Animals in Graphite – Etchr Studio (Fall 2023)

Sea turtle painting – Mike


Captain Tom – Drawing Inspiration Episode #17

KRob competition

Gabi Campanario

Paul Heaston – Drawing Inspiration #76

Steven Reddy (gas meter)

Uma Kelkar

Sudarman Angir

Escoda Perla 

Escoda brushes

Anna Bucciarelli – Drawing Inspiration Episode #10

Winsor & Newton

Daniel Smith

Golden Paints

Winsor Newton Pocket Box

2 mm pencil sharpener 

2 mm travel pencil sharpener

Marek Badzynski – Drawing Inspiration Episode #48

Sepia Micron pen

Lara Call Gastinger – Drawing Inspiration Episode #74

Jenny Zhang

Art of urban sketching by Gabriel Campanario

The World of Urban Sketching: Celebrating the Evolution by Stephanie Bower

Noel Okello

William Cordero


Thierry Chebab

Jampel Cheda

The Urban Sketching Handbook Understanding Perspective: Easy Techniques for Mastering Perspective Drawing on Location by Stephanie Bower

Andrew Wyeth

Urban Sketchers

Mike Sibley

Pentel sign pen

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